Covered Bridge

12"x16" Oil on canvas $500
12″x16″ Oil on canvas $500

Harper’s Ferry, WV


North Beach

14"x18" Oil on canvas $300
14″x18″ Oil on canvas $300

Provincetown, MA

11"x14" Oil on canvas $250
11″x14″ Oil on canvas $250


16"x20" Oil on canvas $350
The Skipjack


Horse Farm in Maryland


Cadillac Mountain

oil on canvas, 20″x 24  $300

This is a scene from Cadillac Mountain in Maine. We took a family vacation here in 2001.

Lake in Maine


GMC on Route 50


This scene is from the side of the highway on the Eastern Shore, en route to Ocean City, MD.

North Beach, MD

oil on canvas, 18″x24″ – offered at $450

 As a child, I spent my summers on the Chesapeake Bay, not far from North Beach.

Chesapeake Beach

oil on canvas, 18″x24″-SOLD

2 thoughts on “Landscapes

  1. I really like your landscapes, Connie. Congratulations on the new website as well. It is easy to navigate and looks great!

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